What Gamers Need To Enjoy Cloud Gaming

What Gamers Need To Enjoy Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is a new and exciting way to play all the latest and greatest video games. It allows you to play games on any device without having to download or install them. This is because the games are streamed from a remote server to your device directly.

Cloud gaming is still in its early stages of development, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way we play all our favourite video games.

For gamers that are interested, we’ve put together a simple guide to help them get going with everything that cloud gaming has to offer.

First, let’s begin with the basics.

What is cloud gaming?

Cloud gaming is a type of video game streaming service that allows players to play a wide variety of games on the device of their choosing. The games are streamed from a remote server to your device, and you can play them as long as you have a good internet connection.

Without a reliable and fast internet connect, cloud is much more difficult, which is why good internet comes highly recommended before getting into this type of gaming. Many believe that cloud gaming is the future, so let’s look at the kind of benefits that it brings to the table for players.

What are the benefits of cloud gaming?

There are many benefits to cloud gaming, including:

  • Convenience: You can play games on any device as long as the device is connected to the internet. This is great for people who travel a lot or who don’t have a lot of storage space on their devices.
  • Accessibility: Cloud gaming makes gaming more accessible to people who don’t have powerful gaming PCs or consoles. You can play games on your laptop, tablet, or even your phone.
  • Performance: Cloud gaming servers are typically very powerful, so you can play games at high settings, even on low-end devices.
  • Cost: Cloud gaming subscriptions are usually quite affordable, and they give you access to a large library of different games. It’s even possible to have access to games that would otherwise be exclusive to a single platform.

What are the drawbacks of cloud gaming?

It’s also important to be aware of some of the drawbacks of cloud gaming, including the following:

  • High Latency: Cloud gaming can introduce latency, which is the delay between when you press a button and when the action happens on the screen. This can be a problem for games that require fast reflexes.
  • Internet connection: Cloud gaming requires a good internet connection. If you have a slow or unreliable internet connection, you may experience lag and other problems.
  • Pricing: Cloud gaming subscriptions can sometimes be expensive, especially if you want to play the latest games at high settings.

What do you need for cloud gaming?

To start cloud gaming, you will need:

  • A device to play the games on, such as a laptop, tablet, phone, or TV.
  • A good internet connection.
  • A cloud gaming subscription.

What Are the Most Popular Cloud Gaming Services?

There are a number of different cloud gaming services available, including:

  • Xbox Cloud Gaming: Xbox Cloud Gaming is a cloud gaming service from Microsoft that allows you to play Xbox games on your phone, tablet, or PC.
  • GeForce Now: GeForce Now is Nvidia’s proprietary cloud streaming service that gives access to a huge range of games, all optimised to work with Nvidia’s powerful hardware.
  • Google Stadia: Google Stadia is a cloud gaming service offered by Google that has become a favourite for millions of players across the world.
  • Amazon Luna: Amazon Luna is a cloud gaming service that allows you to play games on your all the devices that you have at home right now.

How to choose the right cloud gaming service for you

When choosing a cloud gaming service, there are a few things to consider, including:

  • The games you want to play: Make sure that the service you choose offers the games you want to play. It’s also worth keeping in mind that cloud gaming extends into many spheres. For instance, mobile gaming also includes gambling entertainment, with games from well-known casino brands like Grand Rush and many others on offer.
  • The devices you want to play on: Make sure that the service you choose supports the devices you want to play on. On of the great benefits of cloud gaming here is that you won’t need to put a ton of money into having the very latest gaming hardware.
  • The price: Cloud gaming subscriptions can vary in price. Choose a service that fits your budget.

How to improve your cloud gaming experience

There are a few things you can do to improve your cloud gaming experience, including:

  • Use a wired connection if possible. A wired connection will provide a more stable and reliable connection than Wi-Fi.
  • Close any unnecessary programs. This will free up bandwidth and improve your gaming experience.
  • Restart your router and modem regularly. This can help to improve your internet connection.


As we’ve seen, the era of cloud gaming is upon us. For the first time ever, gamers can outsource their hardware requirements, meaning that it’s an overall less cost on them. Additionally, cloud gaming provides the resources to support large and powerful games, providing an immersive experience that they would otherwise not experience on their hardware at home.

As we continue to move into the future, there’s no doubt that cloud gaming will become more popular. More services will enter the market, and we will also see cheap devices released to the public that allow for direct cloud gaming but at a much-reduced cost. Cloud gaming will be the future of gaming for millions of players in the future one day, making it an exciting prospect that we recommend players get into as soon as they can.

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