Best Penetration Testing Tools 2022

Best Penetration Testing Tools 2022

Whether you’re a seasoned security professional or a beginner looking to learn more about security, there are many tools out there to choose from. But what are the best tools for penetration testing? These tools can help you learn more about the security of your network and computers.

Burp Suite

Whether you’re an ethical hacker or pentester, Burp Suite has the tools to meet your security testing needs. The software’s user interface is designed to streamline your workflows, while still offering the versatility to address a wide variety of assessments.

Burp Suite includes several penetration testing tools that are useful for ethical hackers, pentesters and security engineers. These include:

The Intruder module is a powerful and configurable tool that allows penetration testers to automate and customize their attacks. Integrated attack probes can be replayed, paused, or edited to suit the tester’s needs.


Using Acunetix penetration testing tools, you can find out about vulnerabilities on your website and in your network. The report will show you which vulnerabilities have been detected and what their severity is. It will also give you suggestions on how to fix them.

The scanning engine of Acunetix is built for efficiency. It uses C++ and is one of the fastest solutions available on the market. It also has low false positives.

Acunetix tests web applications for malware and links that are used for phishing. It also scans for XSS and SQLi vulnerabilities. It can also do credential-based scans of web applications. It can also be integrated with CI/CD tools like Jenkins.


Whether you are looking to conduct an ethical hacking test on your software, or you want to learn more about the vulnerabilities in your network, Wireshark is a great tool to have. This open source tool can decipher and analyze packets, enabling you to find security holes that could lead to breaches.

Wireshark is one of the most popular network protocol analyzers on the market. It has a wide range of features and can be used on many different operating systems.

Wireshark is also capable of capturing live data from various sources. This allows users to examine packet headers, inspect TCP implementation, and more.


Using an automated penetration testing tool can help balance security and speed. However, it is important to be sure that the tool you choose has the necessary level of accuracy. If your tools don’t work well, you may not be able to catch all vulnerabilities in your web application.

If your web application is vulnerable to malicious attacks, you need to use a penetration testing tool to identify the vulnerabilities. There are a number of tools available for this purpose. Some of them are Acunetix, Invicti, and Wapiti.

Invicti is a web application security scanner that automatically identifies vulnerabilities in web applications. It offers penetration testing solutions for on-premises, SaaS, and hosted environments. Using this technology, your organization can scan thousands of web applications in a matter of hours.


Whether you are a sysadmin, hacker or penetration tester, Zenmap is a useful tool for discovering vulnerabilities in networks. The free, open source application works on all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux and macOS.

The software is designed to make Nmap more user-friendly by displaying results in a graphical format. The user-friendly interface also allows you to perform more advanced scans. It can also store your scan results for easy retrieval.

The software can be used to find vulnerabilities in networks, such as HTTP proxies, HTTPS proxies, network services, web applications, and more. It also provides detailed information about a network’s operating systems and services.

Contrast Scan

Using the OWASP Benchmarks, Contrast Scan is able to detect and remediate vulnerabilities in your code with incredible speed and accuracy. This is because it is a pipeline-native application security testing solution, which means that it is designed to be part of the development pipeline. It integrates into CI/CD builds, pull request workflows, and bug tracking tools. This means that it can be initiated from anywhere in the pipeline.

Contrast Scan is able to deliver accurate results because it is built with an exploitability-focused detection algorithm. This helps teams prioritize vulnerabilities that are most important to address, resulting in faster remediation times. It also provides context-specific guidance for vulnerability remediation.

Kali Linus

Using Kali Linux is a great way to evaluate the security of your IT environment. There are many tools and options available, and the platform is highly customizable to fit your needs.

One of the most popular tools for Kali Linux penetration testing is Nmap. It is an open source network discovery tool that works in most environments. You can use it to discover network configurations, find out the operating system, and monitor host or service uptime.

Another tool that is great for penetration testing is Nikto. It is written in Perl and enables ethical hackers to scan web servers for security vulnerabilities. Nikto can detect outdated servers, misconfigurations, and insecure file patterns. It also provides SSL encryption support and outputs results as HTML, NBE, or TXT.

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