Best Cloud Gaming Services

Best Cloud Gaming Services

Whether you want to play the latest games on your PC or stream live TV, there are several cloud gaming services available today. Most of them are free, but you need to pay a monthly subscription to get full access. Besides, cloud gaming services have the added advantage of not using up your power. The heavy resources are handled by the provider, so you only need to have a good internet connection. This way, you can enjoy a variety of games, even those you can’t afford.

Vortex is one of the best cloud gaming services available. They offer a free trial, but you can also subscribe to their premium service for $10/month. This service allows you to play games on your PC, Android, or iOS device. It also offers several customization features and is compatible with a wide variety of systems.

Boosteroid: Boosteroid is another cloud gaming service that uses the computational power of a remote server to stream games. This means you can play high-end games without worrying about your computer’s power consumption. The gameplay is rendered on a remote computer and streamed to your device, such as a mobile phone or a tablet. Boosteroid has developed applications for Windows, Android, and even Android TV.

Though cloud gaming is a relatively new concept, leading gaming companies are already experimenting with it. Some of the best commercial cloud gaming services include GeForce Now, PlayStation Now, and Shadow. Many of these services are still in beta, but they each have their strengths. Some of the other services also have good user interfaces and decent performance, making them worth trying out.

Jump Gaming is another good option. Its library has over 60 games, and the company is continuously adding new titles. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. To enjoy streaming games, you must have a high-speed Internet connection. The service also supports lag-free gaming. Moreover, Jump Gaming allows you to access a wide variety of indie games.

Parsec: Another cloud gaming service that uses screen-sharing technology to share a gaming screen with others. It gives you a completely different experience when playing in the cloud. The service uses video encoding and a networking protocol to support multiple devices. This service supports many games, including Cloud Gaming Call of Duty, and is also affiliated with the Parsec gaming community.

Playkey: Playkey hosts more than 200 modern games, and it is considered the largest cloud gaming catalog. Playkey also supports a decentralized cloud gaming ecosystem built on blockchain. Players can rent their hardware to play games, which is an appealing feature for crypto enthusiasts. Its free service is accessible in some countries, but it requires a Gaming VPN service.

Google Stadia: Google Stadia is another cloud gaming service that offers high-quality gaming on PCs and Android devices. You will need a Chrome web browser and a high-speed internet connection to access the service. The service provides over 200 games, though some major titles will cost $50 and up to use. Amazon has also entered the cloud gaming service market with Luna, but you have to be a US resident to use it.

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